Psychological Assessment: Behavioral/Emotional
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  • Psychological assessment allows psychologists to gather corroborative information from as many aspects as possible and weave them into a comprehensive picture of the tested individual, and provide recommendations that can best serve his / her needs.
  • Psychological assessment seeks to evaluate an individual's range of competencies through multiple methods, hence it is never focused on just a single score or test result. A psychologist evaluates both competencies and limitations of the tested individual, and report them objectively. 
  • Psychological assessment reports highlight both weaknesses and strengths found, and derive recommendations of interventions that take both into consideration. 


꙳ The price shown is for the WHOLE assessment process to assess Behavioural / Emotional problems and competencies, provided by our clinical psychologist at Be❦Live In Psychology. Diagnostic Intake Session, Testing Session(s), Comprehensive Assessment Report and also the Result Feedback Session are all INCLUDED, and it is applicable for FACE-TO-FACE sessions only. 
꙳ Suitable for individuals age ≤18.




What do you get?
RM1000 ☟
1 x 75-minute Diagnostic Intake Session 
Testing Session(s) 
Comprehensive Assessment Report
1 x 60-minute Assessment Result Feedback Session

  • This is a general price applicable to everyone but considering individual differences, in any case whereby extra assessment(s) is needed, it will be charged separately at the clinic.
  • There will be a fee for requisition of formal letter for schools / workplaces regarding client's current status. 



What to expect?

  • You will be seeing a professional clinical psychologist for the sessions. 
  • Upon purchasing the coupon, you will receive an SMS within 24 hours. Kindly download Invited App as per instructed in the text message in order to save and easily access your purchased coupon(s).



Clinic Location
Be❦Live In Psychology【We are located inside Like.A.Boss Co-Working Space】 
Address: 1-21, 188 EcoSky, Jalan Kuching, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact:  03 - 2770 2771  |  018 - 206 7313  |  enquiry@beliveinpsychology.com
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday  |  10:00am - 6:00pm


Terms & Conditions

  1. Appointment must be made through bit.ly/bipsychappointment at least SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours in advance.

  2. This coupon is transferable but non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash.

  3. Cancellation or rescheduling MUST be made at least SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours prior to the scheduled appointment or the coupon value will be forfeited. Cancellation and rescheduling can be done via WhatsApp.

  4. This coupon is valid for NINETY (90) days. Expired coupon will not be accepted under any circumstances.

  5. Be punctual for your appointment. Session will end as per scheduled time without extension for late arrival.

  6. Be❦Live In Psychology reserves the rights to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice.

What is Psychological Assessment?

Psychological Assessment is:

  • Also referred as psychological testing.
  • The process of testing that occurs when a psychologist uses a combination of various techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about an individual.
  • The act of helping the client to understand his / her behaviours, personality and capabilities through the testing process. 
What's in the box

Diagnostic Intake Session【1 X 75 Minutes】

Testing Session(s) *Number of sessions and duration vary on a case-by-case basis.

Comprehensive Assessment Report【1 copy - original】

Assessment Result Feedback Session【1 X 60 Minutes】